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Welcome to Carinsurance South Africa the premium guide to car insurance in South Africa! If you love your car we will help you keep it protected.

Owning a car anywhere in the world is a big risk but the risk is bigger in Mzansi. And we are here to make sure you have enough information. On how to cover for your vehicle at the best prices.

What does Carinsurance South Africa really do?

We inform you about insurance companies that offer you not the cheapest or most expensive deals but the best deals. People believe that expensive is quality but not all the time. At times you get reasonable motor vehicle cover that will offer unsurpassed quality service. That is why we here to help you identify such motor insurance policies.

The saying “first impression makes lasting impressions,” still rings true. This is why we have the most qualified analyst. They do in-depth analysis on car insurance companies and what they have to offer. So as to provide you with top-notch information that will be relevant. It is always important for us to maintain a good name and trust with our clients.