Things you should never do in an Automatic Transmission Vehicle.

Automatic Transmission cars

Automatic Transmission cars

An automatic transmission car is also known as a self-shifting transmission that automatically changes gear ratios as the car moves. Allowing the driver not to manually change the gears. Which is one burden off the driver’s shoulder?

Just like driving on the road has rules and regulations, every homestead has laws every country again has regulations the dos and the don’ts so does driving an automatic car. It also comes with a set of must and must not dos. Here are some of the things that should always be on your finger-tips.

Things to know

There are habits that people carry with them that are hard to surpass at times. These habits are usually done with people who come from driving a manual car to driving an automatic automobile.

  • Do not park until you are actually parked; yes you heard right! Often people are in a hurry or absent-minded but it is important for people to have a clear mind when driving. People do have a tendency of putting the car in parking mode (P) whilst the car is still in motion. With the automobile it is all about friction with your car and forcing it to do what it is not intended to do at the time it is not supposed to do it can cause a problem for your car. This will eventually enable you to even have the option of parking.
  • Leave the Neutral gear alone! ; there is a mentality that drivers have that by putting the car in neutral mode somehow it saves fuel. And that is just absurd! Well here is an insight on what it actually does. What it simply does is it cuts the oil supply. So the transmission does not get proper lubrication for smooth operation leading to massive damages to your car.
  • Revving the engine before switching to the gear; usually, young learners are in the habit of doing this. But then this is why you should be aware of things like this. When you revive your engine before actually switching the gear, your car engine will be in a massive shock leading to wearing of the engine components as you would have caused friction.

It is important to always take care of your car or someone else’s car. As they are a real and you do not want to spend money on things you could have simply avoided.

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