How will telematics impact on my car insurance?

You might be asking yourself that, what really is this telematics everyone seems to be talking about? Is it really important? Do I lose anything by not having it? Not to worry because this is why we are here, to answer all your questions.

Telematics South Africa Car Insurance

Telematics South Africa Car Insurance

Firstly telematics is the telecommunication technology. That basically uses the transmission to receive and send information and data. It works whilst using GPS and GSM. It has various uses but is famously known for helping to reduce the premium cost for young and new drivers.

How it works.

It is not as complicated as it sounds. People tend to confuse a telematics box and a black box. But these words mean the same thing. A black box is fitted to your car on the dashboard. It measures how well you drive. Just like a casino game you get rewarded with a bonus.

In this case, the bonus is you getting a lower premium if it records that you actually are a good driver. Information is sent directly to your insurer. Instead of your premium being based on statistics it is based on the data on your black box.

One of the most beautiful things about this device is, it can also work as a tracking device. Gone are the days when cars used to be stolen and you did not know where to start looking. Because this device sends a location of where your car is so it is easy to track it down and recover it.

This device is becoming popular as it also encourages responsible driving. In a situation whereby you are involved in an accident and police look through your data, no one wants a situation whereby they have a record of bad driving. So as you can see this device really does come in handy!

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